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Membership Perks

$40 per year

1. Fanzines

Quarterly Shipments

Sinatra Fanzine & Goodies

In homage to the old society days, we do mailed magazines as opposed to electronic mailings. These copies get sent out every 3 months and include full length publications. These will be sent out in the form of a care package, and you will receive more than just the fanzine. Surprise Sinatra Gifts differ per mailing.

2. Membership Kit

After joining, you will be sent a Sinatra care package containing club goodies and merchandise such as stationary, shirts, and many other pieces . It will also contain the membership guide, which acts as an introductory guide and club reference book.

3. Private Facebook Group

Upon admittance, you gain access to our private Facebook group so that you can stay constantly connected with other Sinatrafiles. We are a very close and personable group, and love to share the passion we hold for FAS. 

4. The Pleasure of Connection

Through joining our group, you gain access to other collectors that may be able to help you find what you are looking for, make trades with, or that may be able to help you with information gathering. Quite simply, what you get is a new group of FS friends that you can share your projects and passions with. 

5. More To Be Added...

As the group grows, included in the annual fee will be virtual events, club meetings, and any other perks that the club expresses an interest in. Such things may include, but will not be limited to, are: Exclusive Sinatra related interviews, virtual meets, and Holiday celebrations (all dependant on the current state of the COVID-19 Pandemic and growth of the organization)

Note: At this time, we only offer membership for those in the USA. We would love to be able to include Mr. Sinatra's international fans, but sadly shipping costs for out-of-country are in the $200 + range per year/per member. We apologize if we do not cover your territory. 

Great, So You Wanna Join...

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First, if you have any questions, please visit our FAQ / Group Rules Page!

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Then, Email Us & we will go from there! Simple as that!

Art by Emslie

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