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Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back

Sinatra Collectors Guild

Beginning in the mid 20th century, Sinatra Societies across the world founded for the appreciation of one man: Frank Sinatra. Societies such as The Frank Sinatra Music Appreciation Society, The International Sinatra Society, The Sinatra Club Of America, and The Sinatra Club of Australia amassed tens of thousands of members. Through these dedicated fans, Frank Sinatra's legacy grew stronger, and did so for decades on end. But, come the 21st century, these groups disbanded and its members disappeared.

We at Sinatra Collectors Guild feel that the world is long overdue for a comeback. Sinatra hasn't gone anywhere, why should we? So, please, if you love the man as much as we do, join our family.


Welcome Back, Mr. S 

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Who We Are

The Sinatra Collectors Guild is a small group of hardcore and dedicated members who all have one thing in common: A love for Frank Sinatra.

With only a handful of us scattered across the country, fellow Sinatra fans and collectors gather here under one unified group to celebrate, appreciate, and share the legacy of modern history's best entertainer. 

Many of our members have been lifelong fans of the man, others only started recently. From his music to his memorabilia, we hold a passion for it all. Through this platform, fellow collectors and fans can connect in a way never before available, and we would love if you would join us.

Please check out our Membership page to learn what perks come with your membership!

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